Finding Out What Type of Serviced Apartment Suits You

Our living quarters like our clothes, need to ones that fit and suit us to a T. You could say that our dwellings are like extensions of our personalities, a significant factor to our overall well-being. If you don’t like where you live, chances are you won’t be happy there no matter how much you try and how long you stay.Often in the course of our lives and work, we will be required to travel at least once or twice, depending on the reason and need. This is the reason why serviced apartments have risen in popularity.

In addition, serviced apartments offered more space and more privacy, which appealed greatly to travelers who traveled with their families or for big groups who traveled to attend business conventions. There was the added appeal of being able to cook their own meals rather than order from an expensive room service menu because these apartments usually came equipped with complete kitchen facilities. However, there were several distinctions that separated it from the usual apartments, so much that they were classified into several types: the extended-stay hotel, the studio flats, holiday apartments, city break apartments and corporate housing.

Service Apartments As a Cheaper Alternative to Hotel Rooms people have never heard the term serviced apartments. A serviced apartment is the key choice for people who want a cheaper alternative to hotel rooms. A service apartment comes furnished and is made available for those who are planning on a short term and even long-term stay. These types of apartments have grown in popularity for those who are looking for a cheaper way to travel internationally and who demand a level of privacy, convenience, and meal preparation without the hustle and bustle of a traditional hotel or motel.

Larger serviced apartments can offer two or three bedrooms for those who have more than one person who are traveling. Generally you will not find these types of accommodations with restaurants or bars because of the amount of accommodations that are already present in the room. In fact, larger hotel chains have begun to make additions for these types of travel accommodations to add to the flexibility of their business model.

Extra amenities in serviced apartments can include full cooking facilities and many other modern conveniences that we enjoy such as a DVD player, BluRay player, and flat-screen television, high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi access and much more. The concept and design of these types of apartments are geared to give the international and national traveler a “home away from home”, so they can feel comfortable while enjoying a level of privacy that is higher than what they would normally get at a regular hotel stay. Rates will differ depending on what part of the world or nation that you stay, but we have found them to be very economical in relation to what they can offer the traveler.

Serviced Apartments and Duty of Care – How Human Resources Can Strengthen Commitment to Employees for Your Business’ Most Important Asset:Your employees are your most important asset, and your commitment to their welfare is of paramount responsibility. This commitment is especially true and tested when you send your people abroad for assignments. In the light of events such as 9-11 and the SARS outbreak, corporate travel has taken on a new face. Posts involving international travel used to be sought after, but are now perceived by employees to involve certain risks.

Duty of Care:Human resource managers used to believe that hotels could fulfill the needs of employees, and they were therefore the de facto choice for corporate housing. However, the changing business landscape means that employees on international assignments are now faced with different circumstances and expectations. These changes mean they have different needs, which hotels are unable to fully respond to. Hotel rooms still serve a purpose in that they can cater to the immediate needs of the business traveller on short-term assignments. However, employees on longer assignments have different needs. When employees stay away from home for long periods, their sense of normality can become aggravated and disturbed.

Aparthotels are normally found in city centers and are open to receive guests 24 hours a day. These serviced apartments cater to travelers who prefer to have that comfy and homey kind of accommodation setting within an environment closely reminiscent of a hotel set-up. Typically these apartments do not provide those amenities inherent to regular hotels such as restaurants given that service apartment rooms are already equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette, though there are some exemptions to that rule. Rooms in aparthotels could either be studio type, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom.